Voiceover Representation

Looking for voiceover representation at In Both Ears? Sweet! We might just be looking for you, too. Please send an email to info@inbothears.com with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. A link to your website
  3. Your current demos (as attachments)
  4. A little about yourself: studio setup, union status, location?

This will be on the test: To be included for consideration, please submit reads of the scripts below, as two separate mp3s labeled like:

Firstname Lastname FUNJET.mp3
Firstname Lastname STARS.mp3

(Example: Penelope Goodvoice FUNJET.mp3)

We accept new voices on a rolling basis. If there's a space for you on our roster, we'll be in touch soon.

We look forward to hearing you!
The IBE Team

Spot #1 - Funjet Vacations :30 Radio

SPECS & DIRECTION: Male or female, upbeat, fun, conversational.

VO: Know what you need? To Funjet outta here. Right now. Funjet away from work. Funjet your way to paradise.

I'm talking about remembering how to exhale. Actually being able to relax- knowing that every aspect of your vacation has been thought out for you.

That's what I call Funjetting.

And with Funjet Vacations, you can escape to over 900 destinations-many of which are nonstop. So Funjet your vacation, and do something you'll never forget.

-------- END --------

Spot #2 - "Story in the Stars" :30 TV

SPECS & DIRECTION: Male or female. The narrator shouldn't be overtly proper, but should sound inviting as the storyteller of Stella Artois' incredible story. A hint of elegance without being too pretentious. They should sound knowledgable as if telling this story about their own heritage. The voice of the brand is refined, premium, and speaks with a hint of elegance.

VO: Many years ago, a brewmaster crafted a holiday gift for the city of Leuven, Belgium.

All he needed was a name.

Searching for inspiration, he looked to the stars...

In them, he saw an everlasting gift, each offering their own light no matter the distance.

And it was in the stars the brewer found his answer...

He chose to call it Stella Artois, after "stella," the Latin word for star.

A gift that would bring people together and remind us all to Give Beautifully.

See the brightest stars in your life and how you can Give Beautifully to each one.

-------- END --------