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Bradley, Tacquay
Urban & hip.
Buttrick, Cameron
Teen, Tween, Warm, Wry, Conversational, Friendly, Snarky, Sweet [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Capri, Lucy
Adorable and sweet. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Clevenger, Delaney
Mid-late teens, perky and crisp. The perfect babysitter.
Corkery, Emily
Late teens/early 20s, a little tomboyish. [ISDN]

D - E - F

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Fontaine, Lexi
Young, cute and real
Foristall, Kennedy Joy
Smart and expressive with terrific diction, fun energy, believability and range from tiny to teen!

G - H - I

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Glow, Cassie
Genuine tween with great range!
Glow, Sabrina
Elementary school aged. Adorable, fun and inspiring
Harrington, Kate
Super sweet and clear voice, but she can bring gravity -- or the sass!

J - K - L

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Joy, Lileina
Bubblegum sweet, adorable, and adventurous. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Klassen, Ashley
Natural, confident, intelligent, and articulate. [Source-Connect]
Lane, Nico
Cute as a button and just as fun!

M - N - O

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Maltzman, Tosca
Tween-mid teens. Super sweet with a tinge of attitude. [ISDN]
Margolin, Marissa
Sweet and spunky tween. Sassy upon request!
Mill, Ryleigh
From child to tween, from angel to attitude. Good to the last take.
Mullins, Taylee
Fun, Kind, Real and she sings too!

P - Q - R - S

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Plyler, Ashleigh
Sweet and sassy. Easy to direct and aims to please.
Powell, Elora
Tween. Confident genuine and natural--you'll definitely buy from her in the fundraiser.
Rollins, Annabel
Young elementary school age. Precocious little charmer. [ISDN]
Ruthfield, Nava
Sweet and Sassy!
Ruthfield, Mica
Bright and Inquisitive, Well Spoken
Sage, Lila
Real, sweet, fun, cute, emotive.
Saunders, London
Mature, Rich, Confident, Expressive, Eloquent.
Stathos, Roxanne
Real, spunky, energetic teen.

T - U - V

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Valentine, Tierra
Late teens/early 20's, the girl you want to hang out with.
Vasconcellos, Amanda
Confident tween with just the right amount of sweet and sassy

W - X - Y - Z

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Weskett, Emelia
Young, adorable and inquisitive
Weskett, Emelia
Adorable and inquisitive. Attitude on demand.
Weskett, Keira
Cute and innocent voice with the ability to tug at your heart strings.
Wiewel, Peyton
Sporty, intelligent, and mature for her age. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]