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Ackerman, Chris
Smooth, rich, deep ... with a hint of an edge. [ISDN]
Adams, Jaz
Youthful, quirky, great with characters. [ISDN]
Baca, Jack
Young and trustworthy. The guy next door with hip appeal.
Barrett, Bill
Characters, comical, announcer.
Bass, Barron
Warm, grounded, conversation and the last name to match his register...Bass.
Bednarzik, Ed
Quirky and charming. [Source-Connect]
Bergen, Bob
Emmy-nominated voice of Porky Pig. In practically every single Pixar movie ever.
Berman, Micha
A voice that cuts through - in a nutshell- smart, warm, dry and quirky.
Boucher, Paul
Credible, wide-range, speaks French fluently. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Boving, Bob
Warmth with authority. [ISDN]
Bradford, William
Friendly, Conversational, Natural, Character, and Animated.
Brainard, Cam "Buzz"
friendly, conversational, guy next door, non-announcer, wry with an attitude, organic [ISDN]
Bratton, Mike
Energetic, warm and a good buddy [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Bremer, Brian
Trustworthy, accessible and youthful
Brooks, Bob
Great big voice, deep and full of texture, boom chicka-boom.
Buckner, Barrie
AfAm. Hip, urban, with a bit of an edge. [ISDN]
Burns, Griffin
Youthful, energetic, conversational, boyish, age range 17-27, smart, confident.
Cannon, JD
Deep African American announcer
Carroll, Ben
Warm, conversational, character storyteller with some humor and a big range. Almost a perfect voicematch for Seth Rogen. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Chantler, Tom
Sounds like he understands fractals, ties his own flies and plays a mean game of go with his niece--funny, genuine and intelligent--fairly deep pipes. [ISDN]
Clamp, James
Good 'ol chap, polished, young, great diction. [Source-Connect]
Clotworthy, Robert
Professional, approachable, intelligent, conversational & funny. [ISDN]
Comstock, Mark
Mid-lower range with some texture. Wry, knowledgeable, articulate, subtle and edgy. [ISDN]
Connolly, Scott
The guy you turn to for hip music or to learn how to use your smartphone.
Cooke, Kevin
Incredible range, regular guy, friendly and fun.
Corkery, Bill
Characters, nice-guy. [ISDN]
Corneetz, Donovan
AfAm. Edgy. Urban. The voice of cool. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]

D - E - F

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Dalton, Quinn
AfAm. Exudes excitement, influential. [ISDN]
Danziger, Elann
Soft, warm, personable, upbeat, conversational.
Deo, Lowell
AfAm. Sophisticated. [Source-Connect]
Doran, Mike
Fun, "guy's guy." [ISDN]
Dunsworth, Bob
Distinctive and versatile, smooth to edgy. [ISDN]
Ebaugh, Dustin
Agreeable, effective, casual, & clear. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Eldredge, Nick
Natural and smooth, mature and confident, trustworthy and versatile.
Estrada, Jesse
Friendly, with a touch luxury [ISDN]
Fennoy, Dave
AfAm. One of the most recognized voices in LA. [ISDN]
Fernandez, Eduardo
Spanish speaker, High school aged innocent boy next door. [Source-Connect]
Fries, Chris
Warm, rugged, and confident. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]

G - H - I

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George, Grant
Fun and youthful, great character range and attitude. [ISDN]
Giroux, Ben
Youthful, energetic and bold
Gold, Harvey
Inspiring, sophisticated, trusting, authoritative. [Source-Connect]
Gormon, Rowell
Mature, fun, twinkle in his eye. [ISDN]
Graue, Marc
From movie trailers to urban and narration, versatile big voice actor with lots of character. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Greenblatt, Dan
Quirky and fun to grounded dad.
Greenly, Edward
Deep, Rich, Mature
Gross, Justin
Warm, Smooth, Earthy, Authentic [ISDN]
Heflin, Weston
Your buddy next door to the gravelly whisky connoisseur, the Russian Bratva to the demonic overlord. [Source-Connect]
Heinke, Steve
Our "with it" 40's, friendly, upbeat and energetic guy. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Heyl, Andrew
Bright, authoritative, real, approachable. [ISDN]
Hill, Simon
Animated, young adult, teen, energetic, funny, laid back, hard sell, best friend, hip & cool, commercial, comical, relaxed.
Hoffman, Howard
A character chameleon who when he tells a story, it stays told! [Source-Connect]
Hogan, Harlan
Grown older - if not up - Harlan's often described as 'The Voice of the Baby Boom', with a hipper edge. [ISDN]
Holst, Scott
Sincere guy next door with a hint of texture. [ISDN]
Holzman, Zach
Guy next door, but a tad eccentric.
Howard, Glenn
Genuine, cool & approachable with a wry reserve. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Hoyt, Jeff
Hired to be himself - or some semblance thereof, a man of one voice. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]

J - K - L

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Jeremiah, David
Conversational, gravely, honest, mid-range to deep. [ISDN]
Johnson, Randy
Characters, authoritative/warm, deep baritone. [ISDN]
Johnson, Big Llou
Distinctive and smooth, Urban, well...BIG, Barry White meets Darth Vadar. [Source-Connect]
Jones, Jason
Conversational and charming. Highly versatile! [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Kane, Tom
One of the top voice talent in the business, you hear him every day on the networks and in movie theaters...C-3PO, Yoda...too many to count! [ISDN]
Kennon, Stuart
Deep, gravely voice with loads of texture and experience. [ISDN]
Landon, Aaron
New York hip, Northwest friendly. [ISDN]
Langsner, Michael
Youthful, Conversational, Believable [Source-Connect]
Lawrence, Milton
Dynamic personality, wide range.
Leopardi, Jordan
Young, tech-savvy 20-something [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Leopardi, Roger
Friendly, fun, and versatile. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Levi, Todd
Impressive range with a textured depth.
Liberman, Lev
Warm baritone, strong and gritty. Characters, dialects.
Lissauer, Trevor
Genuine Guy-Next-Door, Hip, Animated, Inspiring & Cool

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Maguda, Ken
Genuine, believable, confident, enthusiastic and easy to listen to [Source-Connect]
Mahaffey, Skip
Engaging everyday guy. [Source-Connect]
Maitland, Garfield
AfAm. Rich, resonant, real. [ISDN]
McBride, Gerald
Energetic and authoritative African American talent. [ISDN]
McGill, Max
Warm to fuzzy, bigger voice. [ISDN]
McNally, Kerry
Warm, non-announcer, conversational to intense [Source-Connect]
McNeal, Jeff
Warm, authoritative announcer with great comedic timing. Real guy read to voice of God. [ISDN]
McNichol, Devin
Young, hip professional
Mead, Josh
Inviting, casual. Informative and warm. Fun! [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Medlock, Doug
Rev the engine. Feel the rumble. Ride the voice. [ISDN]
Middleton, Randy
Large range of character voices, announcer.
Miles, Bruce
Warm, natural and delightfully twisted. [ISDN]
Miller, Kevin
Young, Wry, Smart and Hip
Millman, Josh
Confident and believable, GEN-X, high-energy and witty. [ISDN]
Millsap, Bill
Mid-range to deep, announcer to guy next door...and everything in between.
Mobus, Xander
Textured, youthful and quirky.
Moffit, Don
Conversational credibility. Immediately engaging. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Mondy, Bill
Creative, textured, versatile and distinct. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Moore, Eric
An authoritative voice that is warm, smooth, deep, believable and sincere.
Mowry, Sam
Amazing range and ability, from loose and relaxed to tight and stuffy, characters characters characters.
Nachtrab, Dan
Enthusiastic, down-to-earth guy who could be your buddy or corporate spokesperson - bright, likeable, high energy, Midwestern, reasonable and logical. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
New, Mike
Like that guy at that party that told you something interesting. [ISDN]
Newsome, Eric
The man voice - let's just leave it at that.
O'Brian, Mike
Conversational, “Real”, Natural, Guy Next Door.
Orlow, Rich
Masculine voice from outdoorsman to next door

P - Q - R - S

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Patterson, Drew
Real, young, edgy. [ISDN]
Peck, Allan
Young. Real. Conversational. Guy next door. Down to earth. Non-announcery. Not 'selly'. Just…me. [ISDN]
Pelletier, Jerry
Friendly, Inquisitive, Conversational, Fun, Guy Next Door [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Perales, Kevin
Guy next door, young dad or older brother
Pettitt, Dave
Natural Storyteller, Versatile, Deep and Powerful [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Preston, Jay
Young, textured underplayed voice.
Price, Jim
From down-to-earth adult to friendly, neighborly dad
Rachlis, Josh
Friendly, Cool, Neurotic, Awkward, Innocent, Wry. [Source-Connect]
Raines, Eric
Understated. Inferred. Fervor. [Source-Connect]
Reid, Eric Martin
Authentic, masculine, contemporary, conversational gravitas
Unstoppable blue-collar voice that breaks through the noise [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Riley, Rick
Deep, Rich, Resonant. Epic storyteller with a double heaping of sincerity. [ISDN]
Rockowitz, Glenn
"Regular Guy" - the perfect non-announcer announcer. Deep-to-mid-range male voice with a natural, sandy quality.
Rodd, Sam
Textured, hip, and unique. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Rollins, Chris
Real, Fresh, Fun, Warm, Clean, Friendly, Hip. [ISDN]
Rooney, Jason
Young, conversational,hip, guy-next-door,storyteller [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Rose, Marc
Bright, Smooth, Warm, Can be edgy if needed.
Rosselli, Christian
A confident, grounded, natural sound. An authoritative everyman voice. Warm and charismatic with a little bit of an edge. [Source-Connect]
Ruhff, Jon
Youthful, hip and comfy. [ISDN]
Sawyer, Ethan
Real, encouraging and friendly dad.
Scott, Ken
Versatile, warm, intimate, trustworthy, credible, folksy, heartfelt, sexy, sophisticated. Similar to styles of Mike Rowe and Jeff Bridges. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Shamy, Tyler
Young, early teens-late 20's. Can also do pre-teen voices, have slight rasp, cool, hip, animated voices, real voices, etc.
Shearman, Alan
Polished, sophisticated.
Singh, Kabir
Real | Conversational | Urban | Hip College Sound
Smooha, Noam
Warm, resonant baritone that cuts through. Relatable and grounded on the outset, but occasionally shares his brain with a cast of wacky characters.
Sommerville, Joey
Confident, neighborly. [ISDN]
Souer, Bob
Professional Storyteller. [ISDN]
St. John, Jon
From movie trailers to impressions - deep voice with remarkable range & intense delivery. [ISDN]
Stern, Peter
Smooth, enthusiastic, assured. [ISDN]
Stoudt, Mike
Friendly guy next door. The one you can trust to water your plants!
Super, Wes
Just a typical everyday guy next door. Husband. Dad. Friendly neighbor.
Szymanski, Joe
Raw, natural, fresh, hip, fun, playful. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]

T - U - V

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Tilson, Ian
Charismatic timbre with a hint of "boy next door" charm.
Turbiville, Chris
An everyman with a cool edge who also happens to be a professional actor. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]

W - X - Y - Z

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Walker, Jim
Next door neighbor, warm, believable, smooth.
Wall, Marty
Grounded. Irreverent. Unpredictable. - in a good way! [ISDN]
Ward, Jay
Rich. Rugged. Epic.
Washington III, George
AfAm. Rich, smooth, flexible range, as big as necessary. Friendly dad next door, or demanding and commanding.
Weyte, Stephan
From whimsical storyteller to a whole cast of characters. Incredible range and naughty fun!
White, Dave
Pleasantly authoritative, resonant, warm and friendly as well as wacky and silly. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
White, Jason Linere
Coolest guy in the room. Athletic, quirky and mature.
White, Conor
Late teens/early 20s, raw. The kid who wants to mow your lawn. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Wiewel, Matt
Friendly, believable and the trustworthy voice of your tech-savvy neighbor [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Wiley, Ryan
Smooth, rich announcer. [ISDN]
Williams, G.K.
Afam. Smooth, Ethnic, Informative, Warm, Friendly, Casual, Conversational, Urban, Energetic, Announcer, Passionate, Neutral, Youthful, Intimate.
Wray, John
Warm, approachable and intelligent. [ISDN]
Zieja, Joe
Friendly, inviting, and conversational.