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Andreas, Tammie
Warm, textured, versatile, pleasing to the ears.
Baer, Genevieve
youthful, upbeat, friendly, smooth, warm, versatile, credible, knowledgeable, girl-next-door, sexy.
Berzins, Laila
Warm, sooth and silky. Seductive to professional.
Buser, Kimi
Raspy, Friendly, Approachable
Carmody, Mare
Warm, friendly style [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Chaudhry, Nazia
Easy going glamor...effervescent charm!

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Davis, Rebecca
Versatile, Warm, Fun and Quirky [Source-Connect]
deLotbiniere, Liane
English, French, whatever you need, Liane does it all with a smiling voice. [ISDN]
Dettman, Hanna
Different, quirky or soft, good with characters, emphatic and sincere for narration, speaks with authority for presentation, wry, witty. [Source-Connect]
Fontaine, Lexi
Young, cute and real
Fuson, Lisa
Alive, cool, likeable and hip - Lisa tells it like it is.

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Gee, Jessica
Personable, youthful, powerful and fun, amazing range, accents and characters galore. [ISDN]
Glow, Cassie
Genuine tween with great range!
Glow, Sabrina
Elementary school aged. Adorable, fun and inspiring
Goldberg, Marcy
Textured, warm, comedic, sexy, spokesperson, hip and cool, intelligent, authoritative, very versatile. [ISDN]
Herington, Marieve
Energetic, young, warm, quirky, French, fast talker.
Huston, Kelley
Kelley's approach is so fresh, you'll wonder why she's not leafy green! [ISDN] [Source-Connect]

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Junot, Mara
Mid-20s to Late 40s. Warm, bright, sensual, natural, conversational [ISDN] [Source-Connect]

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Marie, Jorjeana
Friendly, Upbeat, Girl next Door, Real/Conversational, Very Versatile [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
May, Sabra
Youthful with an edge, from mild and sweet to rocker chick with attitude.
McMillan, Jameelah
Urban, conversational, wry, warm and sincere [Source-Connect]
Minella, Lani
Incredible 4-octave range, articulate and animated, from sultry to Mommy, characters, characters, characters.
Mon, Monie
fun, upbeat, outgoing, sultry, smooth, comedic, conversational, hip, engaging, energetic
Nelson, Zoe
Fresh, Fizzy, Bright, Honest, Relatable

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Potter, Gayanne
British, Character Actor, Animation [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Rose, Caley
Conversational, Fresh, and Genuine All American Girl Next Door [Source-Connect]
Sagoian, Caety
Raspy and rich in tone with versatile range from little boys and girls to motherly warmth. Animation wunderkind.
Sheppard, Lindsay
Sweet. Sexy. Fun. The Voice that Pops! [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Smith, Laura Faye
More Than Meets the Ear.
Sundholm, Michelle
Grounded, warm and unique
Szabo, Whitney
Musical perky and young, earnest and warm, natural.
Szarkowski, Alyssa
Bright, friendly and genuine. [Source-Connect]

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Toutonghi, Annette
Quirky, Warm and Bright [Source-Connect]

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Wolff, Fryda
Smooth alto with a lot of range

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