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Ault, Janet
Your script. My voice. A splash of sass. Problem solved! [ISDN]
Baron, Dana Lyn
Cutting, contemporary feminine. Soothing, warm authority. Relatable and honest.

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Davis, Rebecca
Versatile, Warm, Fun and Quirky
deLotbiniere, Liane
English, French, whatever you need, Liane does it all with a smiling voice. [ISDN]
DeWig, Ann
Versatile female voice talent brings voiceover character and life to tv, radio, movies, promos, narrations and more. [ISDN]
Fuson, Lisa
Alive, cool, likeable and hip - Lisa tells it like it is.

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Goodgold, Shauna
Young, upbeat, wry & clear
Haynes, Melanie
Rich, Warm, Smooth, Authoritative, Upbeat, Natural. [ISDN]
Herington, Marieve
Energetic, young, warm, quirky, French, fast talker.
Huston, Kelley
Kelley's approach is so fresh, you'll wonder why she's not leafy green! [ISDN]
Hutton, Karen
Simply Stunning. [ISDN]

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Kaplan, Mandy
VO served straight up with a twist. Hits the spot...every time. [ISDN]

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Marie, Jorjeana
Friendly, Upbeat, Girl next Door, Real/Conversational, Very Versatile [ISDN]
McManus, Lyn
From natural to sultry, warm and smooth, believable. [ISDN]
Minella, Lani
Incredible 4-octave range, articulate and animated, from sultry to Mommy, characters, characters, characters.

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Risberg, Erica
Engaging, professional and warm.
Rose, Caley
Conversational, Fresh, and Genuine All American Girl Next Door
Setch, Erin
Youthful, Crisp, natural, friendly, bright, real...My favorite delivery is very conversational, friendly, "tell it like it is" with a smile. [ISDN]
Sheehan, Catherine
Real, credible, Mom-next-door, mid register. Can go from sexy and sultry to high-energy-holy-smokes [ISDN]
Sheppard, Lindsay
Sweet. Sexy. Fun. The Voice that Pops! [ISDN]
Simcovich, Aurora
Youthful, sweet, and mischievous
Stern, Kitzie
The voice you wish your Mom had...with a sense of smoky intrigue. [ISDN]
Sundholm, Michelle
Grounded, warm and unique

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Warner, Sonny
Specializes in TV News Promo, versatile/broad range, low, deep, sexy, friendly or authoritative, trustworthy, sultry, smoky. [ISDN]
Westbrook, Marie
Confident, textured and sultry