Completing a project

You have a project. And for that project, you need a voice. Now how to find the voice you're not so sure. Wait! We have voices. Loads of 'em. We can handle it, no problem. After all, that's what we do every day. To help us pinpoint the perfect person for your project, consider the following questions:

  • What kind of project are you working on? Is it radio, television, animation, a video game or something else? That 'new media' thing? We gotcha.
  • What type of voiceover do you have in mind? Are you thinking male or female? Is it a character read? Looking for an accent or foreign language? Perhaps a celebrity reference keeps coming to mind?
  • What age of voice are you looking for? Child, young adult, adult, or mature voices? Were you thinking an ageless demi-god movie trailer type? We have you covered.
  • What's your budget? Just tell us about your buy (markets and buy length), and will provide you with a quote right away -- including production costs, if you'd like us to coordinate that too! Multiple characters? Yes please. Full buyout for broadcast? Don't even think about it. ;-)
  • Are you looking for union or non-union talent? We have more than 200 SAG/AFTRA and non-union talent around the US and Canada and we'll help you find the perfect talent for your project.
  • Your role is way outside the box? We have literally hundreds of foreign language voices and kidlets too. Some even have ISDN.

Just grab your phone and hit our digits, if you have any question. We're all about getting up to our elbows in your script to find you exactly what you are looking for. Easy-peasy. We do this every day.

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