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Burke, Phoenix
Elementary aged. Enthusiastic and curious.
Childs, Nate
So cute it hurts! Third grade and younger. [ISDN]
Clayton, Joe
Elementary school aged. Smart and adorable! [ISDN]

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Delonga, Everett
Young teen. Spunky, quick-witted, and wise beyond his years.
Falcone, Dan
The perfect balance of texture and emotion in such a young voice.
Fernandez, Eduardo
Spanish speaker, High school aged innocent boy next door. [Source-Connect]

G - H - I

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George, Daxx
Curious 2nd grader with a lot of energy! [ISDN]
Ghasserani, Max
Upbeat, fun, warm, and sincere. Max tells it like it is, drawing in his audience for a real conversation.
Heinke, Nick
Middle school teen sound. The little brother who is always catching frogs. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Hunter, Ben
Enthusiastic and articulate tween. [ISDN]

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Kelly, John David
Speaks very clearly, versatile, energetic, and funny.
Kingston, Griffin
Little ham, little cheese... Need we say more? Coolest teen that even has ISDN. [ISDN]
Knight, Mason
Tween-early teen. Life is full of video games and snowboarding! [ISDN]
Lara, Daniel
Elementary aged. Excited and curious kid who speaks Spanish and English! [ISDN]

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Meek, Tucker
Energetic, intelligent tween with texture and range, capable of making strong acting choices. Confident with improv and easy to direct.

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Powell, Noah
Elementary age. Honest delivery with a heart of gold.
Pratt, Hunter
Young, energetic, pre-teen.
Ruth, LJ
Dynamic, likable, and energetic! An expressive kid with versatile range from young boy to cool teen. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Schurko, Beck
Adorable, unique, endearing, young 4yr old with a slight lisp
Smith, Cameron
[ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Stathos, Ryan
Late teens/early 20s, Thoughtful, emotive, real.
Sundholm, Ashton
Energetic, upbeat, joyful, and genuine.
Sundholm, Everett
Depth, warm, authentic, kind, unique.