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Boving, Bob
Warmth with authority. [ISDN]
Brainard, Cam "Buzz"
friendly, conversational, guy next door, non-announcer, wry with an attitude, organic [ISDN]
Comstock, Mark
Mid-lower range with some texture. Wry, knowledgeable, articulate, subtle and edgy. [ISDN]

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Davis, Larry
Textured every day guy to deep voiced storyteller [ISDN]
Doran, Mike
Fun, "guy's guy." [ISDN]

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George, Grant
Fun and youthful, great character range and attitude. [ISDN]
Heflin, Weston
Your buddy next door to the gravelly whisky connoisseur, the Russian Bratva to the demonic overlord.
Heyl, Andrew
Bright, authoritative, real, approachable. [ISDN]
Hill, Simon
Animated, young adult, teen, energetic, funny, laid back, hard sell, best friend, hip & cool, commercial, comical, relaxed.
Hogan, Harlan
Grown older - if not up - Harlan's often described as 'The Voice of the Baby Boom', with a hipper edge. [ISDN]
Howell, Matt
Deep and Edgy to Real and Friendly

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Landon, Aaron
New York hip, Northwest friendly. [ISDN]
Liberman, Lev
Warm baritone, strong and gritty. Characters, dialects.

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Maitland, Garfield
AfAm. Rich, resonant, real. [ISDN]
McGill, Max
Warm to fuzzy, bigger voice. [ISDN]
Medlock, Doug
Rev the engine. Feel the rumble. Ride the voice. [ISDN]
Miles, Bruce
Warm, natural and delightfully twisted. [ISDN]
Millsap, Bill
Mid-range to deep, announcer to guy next door...and everything in between.
Orlow, Rich
Masculine voice from outdoorsman to next door

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Peck, Allan
Young. Real. Conversational. Guy next door. Down to earth. Non-announcery. Not 'selly'. Just…me. [ISDN]
Pelletier, Jerry
Friendly, Inquisitive, Conversational, Fun, Guy Next Door [ISDN]
Pettitt, Dave
Natural Storyteller, Versatile, Deep and Powerful [ISDN]
Preston, Jay
Young, textured underplayed voice.
Unstoppable blue-collar voice that breaks through the noise [ISDN]
Riley, Rick
Deep, Rich, Resonant. Epic storyteller with a double heaping of sincerity. [ISDN]
Rosselli, Christian
A confident, grounded, natural sound. An authoritative everyman voice. Warm and charismatic with a little bit of an edge.
Smith, Cameron
Souer, Bob
Professional Storyteller. [ISDN]
Stoudt, Mike
Friendly guy next door. The one you can trust to water your plants!

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Wall, Marty
Grounded. Irreverent. Unpredictable. - in a good way! [ISDN]
Wiewel, Matt
Friendly, believable and the trustworthy voice of your tech-savvy neighbor [ISDN]
Zieja, Joe